Сountercurrent packing

Сountercurrent packing is used in distillation and absorption columns to increase the productivity and efficiency of heat and mass transfer processes in the chemical, oil and gas industry.

Safe Technologies is a domestic manufacturer of a countercurrent filling for packed absorption columns, which have a number of advantages over the poppet. Among them are:

  • Greater constantly refreshed contact surface;
  • Decrease in column dimensions to  1.6 — 2 times;
  • Decrease in pressure drop by 50-80%;
  • Increased productivity to 1.5-2 times.

Volume elements made of corrugated metal sheet of 200-300 mm width are at the core of packing. The material for production of packing is selected depending on operating environments. All materials comply with regulations and have the appropriate certificates.

Main characteristics:

  • Developed angle interface
  • Lowest hydraulic resistance
  • Balanced distribution of liquid flow across the section of the column
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Low weight over high strength

In appropriate cases:

Perforation of the sheet in order to reduce weight, reduce the flow resistance, increase the packing capacity, better mixing and distribution of non-viscous liquids;

Corrugating of the sheet for a better distribution and liquid retention aimed on the gas absorption.


  •  Segmented. Segmentation makes it easy to place the packing into the layers through the hatches with diameter up to 450 mm;
  • All-in-one. Monolithic filling is made for collapsible (packed-shell) columns of small diameter.

Countercurrent packing production is carried out on unique equipment. Individual order is possible in accordance with technical characteristics of the equipment and production goals of the customer.

Packing types:

  • M type — straight metal sheet;
  • R (P) type — corrugated sheet with alternating troughs and peaks;
  • P (П) type — straight perforated sheet;
  • PR (ПР) type — corrugated perforated sheet.

Technical characteristics:

  1. Corrugation: corrugation size from 4 to 8 mm.
  2. The specific area, angle interface 125, 160, 200, 250, 350 m2/m3Some angle interfaces can be made by the individual order.
  3. Fluting sheet angle: 45°, 60°.  Some angle at intermediate range of 45° to 60° can be made by the individual order.
  4. Layer height: calculated individually for each unit. 200 to 300 mm in 10 mm increments is possible.
  5. The inner diameter of the unit / outer diameter of the packing: 400 — 3600 mm, for devices with nominal diameter corresponding to GOST 9617-76.  On individual request to manufacture the filling with an external diameter different from the GOST 9617-76 is possible.

Safe Technologies 15 years of experience in the integrated production of equipment for the chemical industry makes it possible to modernize and optimize all the components to meet specific customer objectives, provide accurate diagnosis of equipment, maintenance services and efficiently repair.

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