Incineration plants

Incineration is a universal method of neutralization and treatment of most types of waste. In the absence of separate waste collection, this method is optimal. In the case of certain types of waste (for example, medical waste) thermal treatment is one acceptable. Incineration ensures multiple reduction of waste amount and lowering its hazard class.

Modern incinerators are equipped with multistage flue gas cleaning system. Flue gas afterburning at temperatures above 1200 °C leads to the complete destruction of organic pollutants. Subsequent purification of gases erases contaminants (pollutants) of organic and non-organic origin in significant quantities entering the atmosphere.

Safe Technologies Industrial Group manufactures waste thermal treatment plant, brand name KTO, based on incinerators of different types — hearth, rotating, vortex and others furnace type. The productive capacity depends on the model and the number of production lines ranges from 50 to 4000 kg per hour.

Types of waste treated in KTO plants:

  • municipal solid waste
  • Industrial waste
  • purification works waste
  • chemical facilities effluents
  • oil production and oil refining waste
  • gas emissions

Multistage flue gas cleaning system installed in each incinerator is designed for each specific type of the customer waste.

The entire process including waste feeding is fully automated and often does not require personnel involvement, resulting in enhanced safety features and productivity.

Most of the facilities has a modular structure that allows building them in the shortest possible time due to 90-95% strength of factory modules readiness.

All the plants have a design configuration to work in severe climatic conditions of the Far North.

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