Environmental protection principles

The activities of the Safe Technologies Industrial Group aims to protect the environment and the development of environmental solutions in the field of waste management. Following principles are at the heart of the company’s environmental policy:

  • Creation of favorable environmental conditions in cities and towns
  • Reduction of the negative impact of industry on the environment
  • Development of alternative energy
  • Development of recycling industry
  • Promotion of the rational use of natural resources and separate waste collection
  • Participation in environmental activities and partner support

The implementation of environmental policy

Creation of favorable environmental conditions in cities and towns

Landfill leachate and industrial effluents purification

Favorable environmental conditions is the one of the key factors of health and longevity of the people. That is why the creation of environmentally friendly living conditions in cities and towns is a priority of Safe Technologies Industrial Group.

Industrial Group specializes in the design and manufacture of equipment for the waste thermal treatment, landfill leachate and industrial effluents purification. The equipment is dedicated to the utilization of household and hazardous waste, epidemiologically hazardous medical waste, landfill leachate, sewage sludge and others. The company’s activities include the landfills reclamation.

ST industrial Group actively cooperates with the authorities, city administrations and municipalities, implementing the joint waste handling projects. The technologies designed by Industrial Group helps to minimize the risk of diseases spreading, to solve the acute ‘junk’ challenge of cities and towns, and to reduce their environmental load significantly.

Reduction of the negative impact of industry on the environment

Oil sludge and drill cuttings handling directly in the oilfields

Industrial activity inevitably leads to technogenic impact on the environment. For example, oil production industry is characterized by oil pollution of soil and water, deforestation, surrounding areas littering. Industrial activity, in addition to emissions, is accompanied by the formation of toxic waste and the accumulation of large amounts of industrial waste.

Safe Technologies Industrial Group offers solutions for oil sludge and drill cuttings handling directly in the oilfields, as well as for the disposal of hazardous waste and processing of industrial waste — used rubber products, filters, polypropylene bags, etc. The proposed technologies are environmentally friendly and help to reduce the negative industry impact on environment.

Development of alternative energy

Alternative power engineering is a ‘green’ future of our planet. Key advantages of the industry — potential energy production and minimal impact on the environment.

Industrial Group contributes to the development of alternative energy. Among the pilot projects of the Company — equipment for the effective utilization of associated gas, and facility for the collection and application of biogas.

The equipment is installed in the oil and gas fields. It is capable to use the energy of APG combustion for oil and water heating, steam and electricity production without damage to the environment.

Development of recycling industry

Used tires treatmentResponsible attitude towards natural resources involves primarily the enhancement of recycling industry. Involvement in recycling reduces the amount of production of new resources, water and energy consumption.

ST Industrial Group promotes recycling industry. One of the company activities — design and manufacture of facilities for the processing of hydrocarbon materials into fuel. The proposed technology allows converting the garbage — plastic, old tires, used rubber products – into the sources of energy. Pyrolytic solution address the acute problem of treatment of used tires, reduces the amount of waste landfilled.

Promotion of the rational use of natural resources and separate waste collection

Earth’s population consumes in one and a half times more than the planet produces per 1 year. It is necessary to reduce the amount of natural resources consumed at least in one third in order to restore the natural balance. That is why one of the biggest challenges for ecology conservation is to draw the attention to the problems of over-consumption, the promotion of separate waste collection and its re-use.

ST Industrial Group is aware of its environmental responsibility, carries out the promotion of separate waste collection and implements the ‘green’ standards within the company.

    • Non-profit magazine EcoengEcoeng is non-profit magazine is a Safe Technology project. Its purpose is to draw public attention to the acute problems of the environmental protection and efficiency in nature resource consumption. Each issue includes the digest of ecology news and new environmental legislation revues, highlights most exciting events in the field of environmental protection and nature preservation. Growing experience of the waste handling organizations is always in the focus of interest of the magazine as well as world best practices. The magazine is printed on 100% recycled paper in the printshop certified by Forest Stewardship Council that comes in line with the main environmental concept of the Safe Technology Industrial Group.
    • Scrap paper box Corporate policy of Safe Technologies presumes the solicitous attitude to natural resources. Energy preservation program and separate waste collection is organized within the company’s office and production site. Each employee contributes to the preservation of the environment: used office paper is sent to the scrap paper box for the recycling, old batteries – to the special eco-box. The wall boards calling to save water and electricity are posted in the offices as part of educational information program.

Participation in environmental activities and partner support

Old batteries collectionSafe Technologies Industrial Group actively participates in events dedicated to the technological development and environmental protection innovation maintenance. The company is a regular participant of the largest annual exhibitions, conferences and forums. Among them — the international environmental conference and forum Ecology of Big City, WasteTech exhibition, WASMA and others. Industrial Group is the general partner of the project Ecobox (safe disposal of batteries). The Company provides support for the Russian environmental film festival Meridian of Hope. Employees arrange a voluntary and wholehearted support of wildlife rehabilitation center Veles.

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