About us

Safe Technologies Industrial Group is the diversified group of companies that provides wide range of services in designing and construction of industrial facilities for the chemical industry, power industry, petrochemical and gas industry as well as in the field of environmental protection.

The assets of Safe Technologies Industrial Group include two industrial sites with the total area of over 10,000 square meters, in-house scientific and non-destructive testing laboratory and the staff of 600 highly qualified process designers, engineers and workers. Design and production facilities, cutting edge l equipment and extensive field experience enables the Company to approach every Client with custom tailored solutions.  Quality control at all levels ensures compliance with contract obligations and short-term completion of the projects.

Safe Technologies company has all required certification for industrial facilities design and construction and obtained the full set of permits for its production in chemical, environmental and power industries, including positive evaluation by the State Environmental Expert Review for the full range of the waste management equipment.

During its 16 successful years on the market, the company has established itself as a reliable and responsible business partner. The reputation of Industrial Group is confirmed by cooperation with the largest Russian companies such as OAO Gazprom, JSCo Russian Railways, OJSC Rosneft Oil Company and others.

Key indicators of the dynamic development of the company are the growth of production capacity, the successful implementation of projects in Russia and reaching out to foreign clients.

The logo

The logo of Safe Technologies Industrial Group is a fire-breathing dragon. The symbol reflects the power of the Russian industry. Dragon is placed on the shield, which symbolizes the strong union of the industrial group of companies.

Corporate colors are orange and blue. Orange — the color of strength, honor and partnerships, blue — stability and prosperity. The combination of these colors is also related to environmental well-being, and the dragon is associated with the image of a defender or guardian.

In general, the symbolism reflects the company’s strategic goal — to bring highly efficient Russian technologies to the local and international markets.

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