Organic waste treatment

Pyrolysis is the method of thermal decomposition of waste in oxygen deficient environment. This method is most effective for hydrocarbon-based waste utilizatoin. Processing HC waste by pyrolysis recovers valuable secondary products — pyrolysis gas, commercial grade dry residue and fuel oil.

Thermal Decomposition Plants (UTD) are the modern pyrolysis equipment. They are in demand in the oil and gas production sites, landfills and waste recovery facilities. The equipment eliminates the negative impact on the environment, emissions are virtually absent.

UTD plant is designed for utilizartion of such wastes as:

  • oil sludge
  • drill cuttings
  • used lubrication
  • rubber products, tires
  • plastic, etc.

Safe Technologies Industrial Group manufactures two modifications of the plants — batch and continuous modes, with capacity ranging from 100 to 1500 kg/h. Equipment optional features include heat recovery, hot water production and heating of the industrial premises.

UTD plant can be easily transported to the distant locations since plant’s size corresponds to the dimensions of the standard sea container.

Automatic control system monitors all process parameters and controls the process automatically or manually from the operator control panel. The plants are shipped in full working order and easy to operate. Maintenance requires two persons.

The full range of the pyrolysis equipment, brand name UTD, is received  positive evaluation of the State Environmental Expert Review. 

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