Associated gas processing equipment

Associated petroleum gas (APG) is a product of the petroleum extraction industry – the gas comes out of the well together with the crude oil. . It is a mixture of HC gases, mostly methane, ethane, propane and butane. Oil-dissolved gas is a valuable hydrocarbon commodity, but the huge part of itt — about 65% — is wastefully flared, contaminating the products of combustion

Uncontrolled gas flaring has been legislated by the Government of the Russian Federation in 2009. According to the law, the amount of gas flared should not exceed 5% of its total production and the rest — 95% — should be be used asa commodity or at least disposed without negative impact on the environment. Since 2013 the excessive gas flaring has being fined.

The plants using flare gas is a modern and environmentally friendly solution for the treatment of associated petroleum gas. The plant is efficient application of the APG energy potential.

Product line is represented by several APG treatment units. Each unit uses flare gas for:

  • oil-field water heating for injection in stratum to enhance oil recovery;
  • oil heating before oil feeding into the pipeline to improve its rheological characteristic;
  • wastewater thermal handling;
  • hot water generation for the central water supply of the residential area.

All the plants are equipped with advanced flue gas cleaning systems. Heat recovery system is also installed in each unit for the household and municipal usage of thermal energy — water and home heating, steam and electricity generation.

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