ST IG at the 6th International Baikal Risk Forum (BRIF’22)

Safe Technologies Industrial Group took part in the 6th International Baikal Risk Forum (BRIF’22), which was held on September 12-16 in Irkutsk. The largest event for Siberia, the Far East and the country as a whole for the 6th time brings together

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ST IG at the conference «Pylegazoochistka (Gas cleaning 2022)»: innovative solutions for cleaning industrial gases

Safe Technologies Industrial Group participated in the XV International Conference «Gas Cleaning — 2022», traditionally dedicated to new emission abating technologies search. The company’s delegate presented the SafeCAT units —

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Safe Technologies Group at SPIGF-2022: New Challenges and New Solutions (VIDEO!)

On September 13-16, 2022 St. Petersburg hosted the XI St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, an annual event held under the auspices of Gazprom that brings together companies and organizations involved in gas production, transportation and processing.

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Successful test launch of the new TDP-2-3000 (VIDEO!)

At the industrial site of “Sosnovoborsky Machine-Building Plant” testing of modernized TDP-2-3000 took place. Based on the technical specification and the needs of the Customer — the company KrasMK LLC (JSC East Siberian Oil and Gas Company),

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«Safe Technologies» — among the first residents of the special economic zone “Dobrograd-1”

In July of this year “STIG” LLC (part of “ST” IG) became a partner of the SEZ, offering to implement a project for the production of complex equipment for the gas, power and nuclear industries. The production site “Dobrograd-1” is located

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«ST» IG at the strategic session on environmental issues of the Arctic region

On May 30 in Salekhard, Yamal the first strategic Session on ecology was launched. This event aims to find and develop solutions for the elimination of waste disposal sites in the region. The Session was one of the key events of the Year of the Environment

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Wastewater treatment plant SOS-160.BM.O at the new landfill in Veliky Novgorod

Near Veliky Novgorod, one of the oldest cities in Russia, a new, modern solid waste landfill was opened for waste reception. Built according to modern requirements, the landfill is isolated from the soil by geomembranes. The landfill leachate is also

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Wastewater treatment plant KTO-50.K20.Ц at the oil field site (VIDEO!)

In 2020 at the landfill of Messoyakhskoye oilfield (PJSC Gazprom neft) a complex for thermal treatment of industrial waste water KTO-50.K20.Ц was commissioned. Contaminated wastewater from municipal solid waste treatment and wastewater from the disinfection

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch — “food” for the TDP-2 Unit or how the mobile solution of ST CJSC will meet the challenge of plastic pollution of the World Ocean!

The world ocean is a cradle of the humankind. The life and everything included in this concept was born in it. The area of these “amniotic waters” is 361.1 km², i.e. 70% of the Earth’s surface, and its volume is 1340.74 million km³. This resource

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“Safe Technologies” IG solution in the field of associated gas processing is appraised by the World Bank

The World Bank’s study on the use of associated gas, which was released in late 2021, addresses the technical and economic aspects of small scale associated gas utilization solutions, including methanol production technologies directly at the field.

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