Non-standard equipment manufacturing

Among the key advantages of the Safe Technologies Industrial Group is the production site ST-Arsenal. It is modern equipment manufacturing facility furnished with innovative machinery, where the production of commercial and non-standard equipment is carried out:

  1. Catalytic and chemical reactors for the chemical industry
  2. Column equipment
  3. Storage tanks and vessels
  4. Rotary vacuum filter cells
  5. Tube-shell heat exchangers
  6. Waste thermal treatment equipment for Industrial and household waste
  7. Thermal decomposition plants  for hydrocarbon-containing waste

Reactors and agitators for chemical industry

ST-Arsenal manufactures reactors for chemical productions with a capacity of up to 100 m3 equipped with agitators like, for example. High-speed multistage vane-type agitator used in formaldehyde resin production reactor. Depending on the intended use, the agitators can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium alloys.

Column equipment

Areas of application — chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, refining industry and others. The column equipment is manufactured according to the specifications or individual projects to meet the requirements of the design documentation:

  • distillation columns
  • absorbers
  • desorbers
  • adsorbers
  • stabilizers
  • evaporators, etc.

ST-Arsenal is capable of manufacturing of the wide range of the column equipment of various modifications, taking into account its future use and operational conditions. Diameters up to 4 meters heights up to 40 meters are not an issue. The temperature conditions of the equipment ranges from -70°C to +420°C.

Inner structure of absorbers differs as well according to the operation. ST-Arsenal manufactures bubble cup tray absorbers and packing absorbers, trays being both monometallic and bimetallic:

Storage tanks and vessels

Tanks, receivers and other vessels are designed for receiving, storing and dispensing of liquid and gaseous media. They are manufactured within a production capacity of 0,05 to 70 m3. Upon designation the tank equipment is classified into:

  • horizontal, vertical all-welded vessels;
  • oil and gas separators;
  • underground tanks (with/without heater).

Rotary vacuum filter cells

Rotary vacuum filter cells are manufactured at the production site ST-Arsenal with working surfaces of 50, 100, 200 m2.

Trough or cell of rotary vacuum filter is a unit of an automated production line of phosphoric acid extraction. The cell is designed for the separation of liquid fraction phase (phosphoric acid) and the pulp in the preparation of mineral fertilizers.

The troughs are made of high-alloy stainless steel 904L. The design of the cell, its parts and components, high-quality construction materials, advanced manufacturing technologies, strict documentation and control methods compliance, a relatively simple replacement and fastening of filter fabric ensures the reliability of the troughs in line. Rotary vacuum filter cells are the high precision product with extremely small tolerances.

Industrial and household waste thermal treatment equipment

The company-commercialized services in the area of turnkey construction of industrial and household waste thermal treatment facilities in production site ST-Arsenal. There are multitudes of advantageous plant design types for each kind of waste based on hearth, rotary or cyclon furnaces, production capacity ranges from  50 to 4000 kg/h. ST-Arsenal carries out individual designs depending on the characteristics of the facility, where the plant will operate, and the type of waste. In addition, production line of compact incineration plants KTO-50.K20.П and КТО-50.K40, which can be used in remote locations, populated locality, at hospitals, etc.

Organic waste thermal decomposition equipment

ST-Arsenal produces modern environmental equipment for the treatment of organic waste – Thermal Decomposition Plant. Based on pyrolysis technology the waste processing results in a fuel oil, pyrolysis gas and high-carbon dry residue. Units are equipped with instrumentation and automation.

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