Ceramic concrete production

Ceramic concrete is unmolded refractory material — cement-free concrete, consisting of ceramic binders. The refractory castables are designed for specific applications predominately in the metal industry, but also used extensively in the construction engineering and chemical industry. Concretes make up refractories used in the lining of industrial furnaces.

Safe Technologies Industrial Group arranged an area for the production of refractory castable – ceramic concrete – at the Company’s industrial site.

Different types for refractory castables are produced:

  • Plastic mix
  • Dry mix
  • Turnkey production of materials with alumosilicate composition

Plastic mix

Used as brick mortar, remedial material to restore the damaged areas of the lining, thermal insulation and chemical protection of metal surfaces and ceramics. Supplied in airtight containers.

Dry mix

Used for the manufacture of monolithic lining for thermal generating units in ferrous and nonferrous industries, electro melting units, induction furnaces, mechanical engineering furnaces, power and heating boilers, etc. Supplied in 25 kg bags.

Materials with alumosilicate composition

Fabricated refractory materials and separate elements of the lining: burner tile for industrial furnaces, channelize hearth for tunnel type furnace, glasses, shutter, gutters for molten metals, etc. Turnkey ready.

ceramic_concrete_4 ceramic_concrete_3 ceramic_concrete_2 Ceramic concrete production

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