Methanol production facilities

Turnkey methanol production plants will cause the interest of the companies primarily related to the production and transportation of natural gas, which have to deal with the problem of the gas hydrates formation in the nodes of wells and process piping constantly.

The formation of industrial gas hydrates is inevitable under the climatic conditions of extraction and transportation of gas within remote fields in the absence of inhibitors of hydrate formation.

The advantaged of methanol, in comparison with other hydrate inhibitors:

  • greatest anti-hydrate activity
  • low freezing point and a low viscosity at low temperatures
  • absence of corrosion with respect to the materials and pipeline systems
  • easy handling (requires no preparation, directly injected into the process line)

All the above sets methanol beyond competition among other inhibitors of hydrate formation. Gas industry experts forecast the increase in methanol consumption up to 1 million tons per year (in Russia) by 2030.

However, transportation and storage of large amounts of methanol is a major environmental risk. Methanol is famous as a potent poison. In addition, it is a flammable liquid, which is a component of some brands of motor fuel. Methanol spills inevitably associated with environmental disasters. Handling of methanol requires additional logistic costs, and often, individual construction of additional facilities.

Safe Technologies Industrial Group offers a radical beneficial and environmentally friendly solution. This is a compact low-tonnage (5000-60000 tons/year) methanol production plant installed directly on the field or near it.

Common industrial model of high capacity methanol production is very expensive and requires more than significant capital expenditures. However, it places emphasis on high conversion rates of feedstock, whereas the production of the field needed rather maximum simplicity and reliability of the flow sheet.

Safe Technologies Industrial Group created a completely new and compact plant of methanol production, which excludes all expensive and energy-intensive components.

The facility has a modular structure, mounted in prefabricated buildings.

The simplicity of the technological model allows pre-assembly of modules and blocks even at the production site of the manufacturer, which facilitates and reduces the cost of on-site installation. End process product is 91-93% concentrated raw methanol.

In addition to the methanol, plant produces a residual (fuel) gas, which can be used for the heat production or as fuel for the waste thermal treatment facilities at the field. Cutting-edge automation systems of Safe Technologies Industrial Group methanol production plant requires minimal personnel involvement.

Key issues to be solved by methanol production at the field:

  1. No transportation expenses
  2. Lack of environmental risks — no need for new specialized transport terminals and storage facilities
  3. Independence from the methanol external supply and price fluctuations.
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