Crude oil and petroleum products biodegradation – BIOROS

BIOROS product is designed for environmentally adequate and effective biodegradation of oil products at the final stage of waste treatment. This oil waste decomposition method is more environmentally friendly and ensures complete safety for human beings health.

Purpose and functioning of BIOROS product

Biological product BIOROS is an active mass of hydrocarbon-oxidizing microorganisms for which petroleum products is a natural breeding ground. For the short period from several hours to several months (depending on contamination level) bacteria provide biological treatment of contaminated solids educing safe products of metabolism – water and carbon dioxide. BIOROS is the most effective and the closest to natural processes way of oil waste contaminated soils and water basins regeneration.

BIOROS destructor ranges of application:

  • biodegradation of soils and liquids from oil products;
  • biological purification of industrial effluents

BIOROS eliminates petroleum, heavy oil, petrol, drilling muds and oil sludge contaminations. The technology of using the product is easy: its allocating on the contaminated surface and making the favorable conditions for bacteria functioning (for soil it is bursting and presence of non-organic fertilizations, for water – aeration and sparging).

Our advantages

As the result of long-term experience in oil and gas industry, Safe Technologies Industrial Group specialists are well aware of oil industry needs. In addition to appropriate competence in oil and gas industry, there are variety of advantages:

  • availability of in-house micro-laboratory allows to test BIOROS product in certain types of contaminants;
  • availability of in-house production: the product is manufactured completely at the company own production site; that ensures the quality and biological activity of the product

 The other advantages of BIOROS product are:

  • unlike other treatment methods, this biodestructor doesn’t require subsequent processing
  • the product is functional for all types of oily-waste contaminants including the elimination of  technological accidents’ consequences
  • the quality of destructor doesn’t change when exposing to natural rainfalls or soil
  • there is no need in recycled soil disposal because the processed material is completely biodegradable and safe for water, soil and air

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