The retrofitted Volgograd Refinery’s primary refining complex is put into operation

The end of 2022 was marked with a large-scale event for the Russian industry: on December 22, the day of the 65th anniversary of the company, the Volgograd Refinery (LLC Lukoil-Volgogradneftepererabotka) commissioned the ELOU-AVT-5 primary refining unit.

In the context of reconstruction of the ELOU-AVT-5 unit Safe Technologies IG manufactured tube furnaces P-101/1,2 and P-201, designed for heating of stripped oil before it is supplied to the distillation column.

The event was covered by major regional and federal media.

“The project is really striking in its scope”, – said Alexander Bloshkin, Chairman of the Volgograd Regional Duma. – “As a result of a large-scale modernization, the plant has become a powerful enterprise, which produces high-quality products that are very much in demand both in Russia and abroad. Even in the last difficult years — during the pandemic and unprecedented sanctions pressure on our country — the plant continues to develop and increase production capacity”.

Official website of the Volgograd Regional Duma

Tube furnaces for heating of stripped oil

Photo: Press office of the Volgograd Region Administration

The Neftegaz.RU information agency informs that the implementation of the project will increase the volume of oil stock refining by 400 thousand tons per year, increase the production of kerosene and diesel fractions, improve the energy efficiency of production and at the same time reduce the carbon dioxide emissions per unit.

News agency Neftegaz.RU

The VolgogradTRV TV company reported a 10% increase in the capacity of the ELOU-AVT-5 unit.

“New pumps, furnaces, heat exchangers and more were installed at the facility. The share of domestically made equipment installed at the site is 70%. The investment scope of the project exceeded 10 billion rubles. Reconstruction of ELOU-AVT-5 primary refining unit is another important step along the path to retrofitting of the whole plant. The commissioning of this unit will increase production capacity. The processed feedstock will become the basis for subsequent production of gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, oils, coke and bitumen”.

Volgograd-TRV State Television and Radio Company

“The development area amounted to 34 thousand square meters. In total, more than 230 units of new basic equipment were installed, and technologically obsolete equipment was decommissioned”.

Online publication “Volgograd”

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