ST IG Internship Program: Open Day at ITMO

On April 19, the Open Doors Day of the program “Industrial Ecology” of the ITMO University Faculty of Ecotechnology (Greentech) was held. The event in the online format was aimed to help future master’s students make a choice, to familiarize them with the education project, to tell about the entrance exams.

“Industrial Ecology” is the training of qualified specialists in the field of environmental safety, which includes such modules as environmental engineering, cleaner production, integrated management, environmental design, and urban ecology, focused on solving environmental problems in cities.

The trend for rational use of natural resources and resource saving is only increasing every year in Russia, and ITMO, as one of the key and progressive universities not only in St. Petersburg, but also in the country as a whole, is trying to be a step ahead and follow international trends, including the implementation of the modular system in education.

ST IG at the ITMO university's Open Day Presentation of ST IG's internship program

Safe Technologies Industrial Group, a corporate partner of the “Industrial Ecology” program since 2019, introduced a paid internship program with further employment to applicants. Selection for the internship is on a competitive basis. The schedule is made individually with each candidate, allowing students to comfortably combine work and study. The internship in the company develops such competencies as the skill to develop design and working documentation, skills to perform calculations, develop technological schemes, make specifications, 3D design skills of engineering networks and design equipment for the chemical and environmental industry. Students learn the necessary skills to work with computer-aided design systems.

During the period of cooperation between ITMO and ST IG, more than 10 students were trained and successfully employed. The company plans to continue participation in such events.


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