Safe Technologies CJSC at the “Chemistry and Business” journal conference

At the very end of the last year 2022 in Moscow there was the traditional conference of the journal “Chemistry and Business”, which is a platform for dialogue between producers of wood boards and producers of synthetic resins.

Low-methanol Formalin Plant, SC “Achema”

In this rather narrow in application, but absolutely necessary for the normal functioning of society (because today it is impossible to live without furniture, laminate, plywood, etc.), at the junction of two industries, some time ago were introduced legislative standards, which include difficult to achieve environmental indicators. And while the producers of both the boards and the synthetic binders are trying to fit through the strict framework of the new environmental regulations, the sanctions pressure on our country only adds problems to the already difficult situation: virtually all the basic equipment for the production of wood boards is imported.

During the 17th international scientific-practical conference “Condition, prospects of formaldehyde resins production, sanctions and creation of conditions for scientific and technological support of their production, application in manufacture of wood boards, plywood, heat insulation, as well as sustainable growth of furniture, housing construction in Russia and especially its new regions” supported by the Russian Chemists Union, the possibilities of successful existence and further development of production and technology in conditions of self-reliance were discussed.

In this aspect, the speech of the representative of ST IG, a well-known expert in the industry, attracted special attention. Safe Technologies company not only shows good growth in difficult conditions, but practically gives hope that even under sanctions it is quite possible to build high-quality equipment and produce a quality product. At the moment two projects are being implemented at the production facilities. Own UFC-85 and methanol-free formalin is the only environmentally correct solution for a company with a significant volume of board production.

The conference was held in person for the first time after the pandemic period: the participants, who knew each other well, were able to greet each other in person. In a friendly atmosphere and moderated by Anatoly Perkhov, editor-in-chief of the journal “Chemistry and Business”, the general director of VNIIDREV Aleksandr Shalashov, head of the department of wood boards of Bauman University Vyacheslav Tsvetkov, the famous expert on formaldehyde and binders Valery Sharykin — and this is only a small part of names that will tell a person connected with the woodworking industry much.

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