Always safe: from wastewater treatment to tube furnaces. Achievements — 2022!

In the year 2022 the company Safe Technologies advanced furthermore along the way of success, increasing its presence on domestic and raising its international reputation contributing maximum effort to the improvement of the ecological situation of the country.

This year the company supplied a wastewater treatment plant SOS-160.BM.О with capacity of 160 m3/day in modular design for the most modern solid waste landfill of North-West of Russia, and two urea-formaldehyde concentrate (UFC-85) production units with capacity of 50 and 60 thousand tons per year for the chemical industry.

Landfill leachate treatment system in Veliky Novgorod Tube furnaces for heating of stripped oil

Besides, within the its own gas-cleaning equipment improvement program, Safe Technologies IG developed a test bench for testing catalytic oxidation processes, which allows testing the process efficiency in real process circumstance also during the stage of experimental technological works.

At the end of the year the largest investment project of LUKOIL oil and gas company was completed, which is the reconstruction of ELOU-AVT-5 primary refining unit, under which ST IG manufactured turnkey batch tubular furnaces for stripped oil heating P-101/1,2 and P-201.

The company became a resident of the Special Economic Zone “Dobrograd-1”, which in the future will expand production capacity for the gas media investment projects, including LNG.

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