Practical experience of ST IG for ITMO students: how business contributes to the training of professional staff

Safe Technologies Industrial Group continues its close cooperation with ITMO University in the field of staff training in the environmental area.

With the assistance of experts from ST IG, a practical digest was developed for the scientific and educational manual “New Energy and Resource Saving Processes in a Circular Economy”, prepared by the Institute’s team of authors with the support of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation. As part of the empirical block, on the basis of implemented projects of the Industrial Group, the two most popular technologies in the field of municipal and industrial waste management are considered: incineration as controlled combustion with multistage purification of flue gases and recycling by pyrolysis with obtaining useful products.

Also, with the participation of the Educational Production Center “Profile” (an organization of additional professional education as part of ST IG), a training video lecture on the theoretical block “Physical and chemical basics of the combustion process” was prepared.

Fragment of the video lecture "Physical and chemical basis of the combustion process"

Recall that the federal project “Circular Economy” is one of the strategic initiatives of the Russian government, the main targets of which should be achieved by 2030.

Scientific and educational materials are intended for specialists of the waste recycling industry, as well as for master students studying in the field of “Energy and resource-saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemistry and biotechnology”, “Technosphere safety” and “Ecology and environmental management”.

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