The Great Pacific Garbage Patch — “food” for the TDP-2 Unit or how the mobile solution of ST CJSC will meet the challenge of plastic pollution of the World Ocean!

The world ocean is a cradle of the humankind. The life and everything included in this concept was born in it. The area of these “amniotic waters” is 361.1 km², i.e. 70% of the Earth’s surface, and its volume is 1340.74 million km³. This resource

Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus visited the Complex KTO-200.O.B for neutralization of toxic waste

The Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Andrei Khudyk came to inspect the Complex for neutralization of toxic wastes (ozone-depleting substances and persistent organic pollutants) under construction in Chechersk district, Gomel

Deuterium removal: light water without heavy invesments

[…] Scientists suggested that in order to increase vitality and mobilize it to fight adverse external influences, we need to clean our bodies from heavy isotopes of biogenic elements, including deuterium, just as we get rid of chemical toxins. It turns

The tube furnaces. Energy efficiency on the guard of Ecology

[…] The tube furnace is the must-have component of any oil-refinery. It is one of the most common and yet the most expensive detail of any refinery. The simplicity of operational principles is illuminated by the need of heatproof materials of high

Waste to energy: nothing but the facts. Safe Technologies IG experience.

[…] Engineering solutions of power generation from waste are available today. Industrial Complex of continuous pyrolysis Thermal Decomposition Plant (TDP-2) coupled with energy generation system is one of such solutions. The Complex passed its pilot

Landfill as a core object of waste management

…Designing the perfect landfill, one must take into account biogas collection systems and its utilization, landfill leachate removal and purification system, which covers the entire territory of the landfill. Landfill is to be isolated from the

Sibmetakhim mastered the production of new products. Russian Newspaper about Tomsk enterprise and the role of the ST Inc.

Recall that in the spring of 2016 Safe Technologies Inc. specialists has completed commissioning of plants for the production of UFC and methanol-free formalin at the industrial site of Siberian Methanol Chemical Company LLC. Web portal RG.RU (Russian

Article “There is no more frightening than incineration”

These slogans constantly appears on the pages of environmental publications, along with interesting (although for the most part semi-fantastic from an economic point of view) alternative solutions to the waste management challenge. […] Nevertheless,

Tire and rubber recycling

Present society can not subsist without rubber goods. Environmental hazards associated with tire and rubber and its disposal are main global concerns. Meanwhile, rubber products can also be very beneficial to humankind as a source of alternative energy. In

Pyrolysis: environmental and technological issues

Transition from incineration to pyrolysis is increasingly clear at waste thermal treatment, since the pyrolysis can reduce the accumulated waste amount from the process as get commercial grade products. Besides pyrolysis technology has generally much

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