The tube furnaces. Energy efficiency on the guard of Ecology

[…] The tube furnace is the must-have component of any oil-refinery. It is one of the most common and yet the most expensive detail of any refinery. The simplicity of operational principles is illuminated by the need of heatproof materials of high quality usage. The function of tube furnace can very, can be either heating the product (coolant), or cracking, vaporizing or heating with partially vaporizing. The cracking tube-type furnaces initially had been proposed by the Russian engineers V.Shuhov and S.Gavrilov back in 1891, 20 years prior to Mr. Barton (USA) repeated their concept and principles.

[…] The thermal gas disposal incinerator I-1 of non-stop bitumen boiling plant 19/3 of Omsk OPP, one of the biggest in the country, presently is being assembled on the customer’s site. The purpose of the incinerator is heating the oil grade MT-300 Om, the coolant that is used in other technological processes with the simultaneous technological gas emissions disposal of the bitumen oxidation line along with the drippings produced by the bitumen pouring line.

Keywords: tube furnace, oil processing, incinerator I-1, environment, energy efficiency.

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Article “Tubular furnaces. Energy efficiency on the guard of Ecology” was published in the journal Neftegaz.RU, issue 4/2017.

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