Deuterium removal: light water without heavy invesments

[…] Scientists suggested that in order to increase vitality and mobilize it to fight adverse external influences, we need to clean our bodies from heavy isotopes of biogenic elements, including deuterium, just as we get rid of chemical toxins. It turns out that this purification occurs as a result of drinking light water, which is depleted of deuterium. The immunomodulatory properties of light water have been scientifically proven. The fact that it also has antitumor properties was first discovered in 1993 by the Hungarian microbiologist G. Somlyai.

  • the survival rate of patients who drank light water in combination with or after traditional methods of treatment was significantly higher than that of patients who were treated by chemotherapy or radiation therapy only.
  • the use of light water during or after chemotherapy sessions can partially or completely reverse the immunosuppressive effects of cytostatics, reduce or completely relieve the adverse side effects of chemotherapy drugs. Non the less interesting were radioprotective properties of light water…

[…]  There is equipment available in Russia which will make it possible to reduce the cost of the light water production process several times while improving the quality of the product at the same time. Columns equipped with regular packing “Chevron” manufactured by “Safe Technologies” IG are easily scalable and ensure high capacity production facilities construction.

[…] Absorption and rectification columns manufactured by “Safe Technologies” Group are well known in Russia. The company started with formaldehyde absorption and achieved the maximum required cube concentration in this industry.

Keywords: light water, rectification columns, regular nozzles, chevron nozzles, protic water, hydrogen isotopes, detritization column.

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The article “Deuterium removal: light water without heavy invesments” was published in Journal of “Industrial Ecology” No. 1, 2018. When using the material/any part of it, reference to the authorship and website ( is obligatory.

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