Landfill as a core object of waste management

…Designing the perfect landfill, one must take into account biogas collection systems and its utilization, landfill leachate removal and purification system, which covers the entire territory of the landfill. Landfill is to be isolated from the environment by geomembranes to prevent the leak of toxic leachate into the subsoil water. It must be equipped with the waste sorting station (required in the absence of separate waste collection) as well as with some specific waste treatment and utilization facilities. Among the last ones are incinerators for medical and biological waste treatment, pyrolysis plants for fuel generation from plastics, rubber, used tires, bioreactors for methane production and landfill gas collection system. MSW gasification facilities, actively promoted by several Western companies, did not get a traction in Russia because of their high prices, insufficient cost-effectiveness and ecological and economic feasibility.

All the above mentioned is a sophisticated equipment, some of the processes involved are potentially hazardous. This equipment is manufactured by various manufacturers and there is only one company in Russia capable of accomplishing of all works related to landfill construction and reclamation under one roof.

The name of the company is Safe Technologies, Inc. and since 2000 it has been occupying the leading position in the environmental protection services market. Safe Technologies has all the required licenses and permits for landfill design, furnishing and construction.

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Article ‘Landfill as a core object  of waste management’ published in the journal ‘St. Petersburg Environment’ issue №1 (1), 2016

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