Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus visited the Complex KTO-200.O.B for neutralization of toxic waste

Hazardous waste treatment unitThe Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Andrei Khudyk came to inspect the Complex for neutralization of toxic wastes (ozone-depleting substances and persistent organic pollutants) under construction in Chechersk district, Gomel region of the Republic of Belarus, produced by Industrial Group “Safe Technologies”. According to the press-service of the Ministry, the meeting was attended by the head of Sosnovoborsky machine-building plant” LLC (Russia), representatives of services and organizations of Gomel regional executive committee and other interested parties. The issues of the work completion time, comprehensive testing of the equipment, test neutralization of hazardous waste, including laboratory measurements of emissions and ash residues were discussed [1].

This project is implemented under the auspices and with the mediation of UNIDO, it involves the construction of four similar complexes — in Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan [2].

Industrial Group Safe Technologies” which has accumulated extensive experience in the field of waste disposal by incineration and pyrolysis, having installed more than 200 facilities for thermal decontamination of waste in Russia and abroad, was chosen as the supplier of the facility for RB during the tender.

A complex with a capacity of 1,600 tons per year for toxic waste disposal is designed to neutralize fluorine-, chlorine-, or bromine-containing derivatives of saturated hydrocarbons (ODS), substandard or obsolete pesticides, and transformer oil containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Disposal of such hazardous waste requires an extended gas treatment system. The heart of the complex is the technological incinerator KTO-200 based on a rotary furnace. The multistage and modernized gas purification system, in addition to the waste gas afterburning chamber, includes a bag filter, pouring and alkaline scrubbers, a carbon adsorber, a catalytic purification unit, and a continuous emission monitoring system. A number of innovative and state-of-the-art solutions result in rational use of water/effluent generation as well as plant temperature control.

Like all the equipment supplied by IG Safe Technologies”, the unit is equipped with automatic control system, which does not require the intervention of the personnel in the production process, which has an intuitive graphical interface, which displays all the variables of the technological process and from which it is possible to manage, if necessary, the units of the Complex.

For 22 years on the market Safe Technologies” has accumulated considerable experience in the disposal of all types of waste. Various systems of technological incineration, waste gases traetment, installation of automatic modes of equipment functioning have been tested, improved or rejected. The company also has experience in working with both European and Asian partners, with documentation of various international standards. Possessing its own design and production facilities, Safe Technologies” group of companies combines all the necessary stages of the project «turnkey» under one roof. At present time among Russian producers of the similar equipment it is difficult to find a company capable to realize such a project in time and effectively.

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