Pyrolysis: environmental and technological issues

Transition from incineration to pyrolysis is increasingly clear at waste thermal treatment, since the pyrolysis can reduce the accumulated waste amount from the process as get commercial grade products. Besides pyrolysis technology has generally much less environmental impact than incineration one. The only downside is that the range of waste that possibly cost-effective for pyrolysis process is limited.  

These and other aspects of the use of pyrolysis plants (Thermal Decomposition Plants) for the disposal of waste were discussed at workshop in February this year in St. Petersburg, Russia. The complete operation cycle of Thermal Decomposition Plant was demonstrated to get acquainted the visitors with the principles and technological features of pyrolysis equipment on the first day of the workshop.  The equipment is intended for the processing of hydrocarbon materials: from waste loading to unloading of the final product. Drilling muds and oil sludge were used as raw materials, the conditioning products such as liquid fuel oil and biochar can be obtained from which.

In June the magazine Ecology of Production published an article with a list of questions and answers voiced at a seminar on pyrolysis technology and equipment operation. We believe that might be interested for professionals of refineries and oil companies.

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The article Pyrolysis: ENVIRONMENTAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL ISSUES was published in the magazine Ecology of Production, # 6, 2015.

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