Utility networks

When speaking of some large scale plant or production facility, the main focus is always on its main production lines, thus leaving utility service networks out of consideration.

However experts know that only with properly designed utility networks, namely, water, steam, electricity, compressed air supply lines no efficient production is ever possible.

To calculate capacities, to design configuration and structures of the utility lines is one of the most important task when designing a production facility. Many of the errors made at this stage are impossible to be corrected afterwards thus burdening the production capability of facility forever.

Safe Technologies Industrial Group accumulated vast experience in designing and construction of utility service networks of production facilities, landfills and other communal and industrial objects. Facilities erected by Safe Technologies Industrial Group function trouble-free in the widest range of climatic conditions, including Far North region.

The stable operation is ensured by: 

  • Quality materials and equipment
  • High degree of automation
  • Experience of the  network designers
  • Quality installation works conducted by qualified personnel. 

Services provided by Safe Technologies:

  1. Design of the utility service networks
  2. Installation of pipelines and networks
  3. Commissioning and testing
  4. Maintenance and repair of the utility network equipment and lines
  5. Retrofitting of the existing lines.

Safe Technologies Industrial Group is a self-reliant company that comprises design bureau, equipment manufacturing facility, logistics and construction department, as well as other departments and bodies.

This comprehensive approach to ‘turnkey’ construction of the industrial facilities ensures custom tailored approach to the Client, full control over the quality of manufactured and procured equipment as well as over terms of the fulfillment of the Agreements.

The Client receives full set of documentation including 3D drawings of all pipelines, detailed wiring diagrams, etc. Safe Technologies has all necessary licensing and certificates enabling fulfillment of such works.

The ventilation system equipment is partly manufactured at in-house workshop, partly purchased from the world best suppliers. The operation of the logistic department as well as longstanding partnership with the suppliers ensure attractive prices.

The full accordance of the equipment and services with GOST, Sanitary Norms and Construction norms is guaranteed.

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