Design documentation development, obtaining permits

Project design documentation development

Safe Technologies Industrial Group incorporates the design bureau that is capable of developing all stages of the engineering project design:

  • Preliminary evaluation project program, conceptual design review
  • Feasibility study
  • Schematic design
  • Calculation of the loads
  • Detailed construction documentation
  • Environmental documentation
  • Obtaining technical conditions on the operation
  • Obtaining State expertise body evaluation reports.

The completeness and correctness of the project document set is the crucial factor for State approval stage for the industrial facility construction and commissioning.


According to the Federal Law No 116 th of July 21, 1997, the operation of the potentially hazardous industrial facility is possible solely after undergoing the industrial safety evaluation process.

Expert evaluation of the hazardous industrial objects

Safe Technologies Industrial Group experts are qualified to conduct the expert evaluation of the potentially hazardous industrial facility falling within the jurisdiction of ROSTEKHNADZOR, such as:

  • Potentially explosion and chemical hazardous facilities
  • Hazardous substances transportation facilities
  • Ironworks
  • Petrochemical facilities
  • Oil and gas  production facilities
  • High pressure equipment and plants, etc.

The following items require the expert evaluation according to the 116th  Federal Law:

  • Buildings and construction objects at the potentially hazardous facility
  • Technical devices and equipment installed at the potentially hazardous facility
  • Project design documentation for erection, retrofitting or liquidation of the potentially hazardous facility
  • Declaration of the industrial safety
  • Industrial safety feasibility reports. 

Technical evaluation and examinations

Sometimes, for example in case of acquiring the operational or non-operational industrial facility it is crucial to determine the state of the installed devices and equipment.

Safe Technologies experts carry out diagnostic evaluation of the industrial facilities and plants with the help of in-house non-destructive laboratory experts.

All expert evaluation reports issued by Safe Technologies company comply with the adopted norms and regulations and are being duly entered into the ROSTEKHNADZOR registry. Safe Technologies expert body possesses all required certification for conducting examination and evaluation works.   

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