After-sale services

When buying our quality equipment one can forget risks or possible troubles. The full range of services provided by Safe Technologies in the scope of the contract obligations includes installation, commissioning, warranty tests as well as operating, maintenance and repair of the equipment in question.

Safe Technologies experts accumulated vast and unique experience in the course of fulfilling contract obligations. In their portfolio are such  challenges as installation and commissioning the biggest in Russia reactor of phenol-formaldehyde resins (in the limits of ECP contract with Momentive (former Hexion) joint venture at the JSC Schekinoazot industrial site), as well as starting and commissioning of the unique incinerator plant for old railway sleepers utilization (‘turnkey’ contract with Russian Railways).

The main goal of the ST service department activities is to prolong both the interval between maintenance works at the equipment and its lifetime period in general. The special routine is developed ensuring the safe commissioning and efficient maintenance works.

All parts and components undergo strict quality control at the stage of installation and commissioning, which is carried out by experienced personnel. Warranty tests are 100% obligatory.

The Safe Technologies Industrial Group provides warranty for its equipment including automatic control systems during 12 months. The present stock of spare parts at the ST premises allows quick repair and subsequent start up, albeit the plant in question being located in distant area of the Far North.

Apart from the warranty services, Safe Technologies experts provide quality maintenance work. In relation to service life of the equipment it is hard to overestimate the impact of bad or irregular maintenance. The quality maintenance of plants and equipment allows extending the functionality and service of the equipment considerably.

Safe Technologies experts are available on 24X7 basis on call and can arrive at the site in the shortest time.

Therefore one can name several powerful reasons in favor of buying Safe Technologies Industrial Group equipment, scope of services or ‘turnkey’ construction: 

  • swift response and completion of works;
  • availability of the spare parts at the Safe Technologies storages;
  • servicing the equipment by qualified personnel of the company -manufacturer extends service life considerably.

Apart from servicing the facilities built by Safe Technologies, the company provides service works on the equipment built by other manufacturers. The positive experience of commissioning of theretofore inoperative thermal waste treatment equipment by other makers is included in the Safe Technologies portfolio.

The in-house manufacturing shop allows considerable flexibility in the means of responding to such challenges and in shortest possible terms too.

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