Designing of environmental protection facilities

The obligatory condition in designing and construction of the industrial and environmental facilities and equipment is a strict adherence to ecology norms and regulations. Requirements imposed on design documentation in Russian Federation call for high level of designer expertise.

The department of the Environmental protection is a part of the Safe Technology Industrial Group. The high level of expertise of its personnel allows the department to: 

  • develop and produce all required environmental protection sections of the design projects;
  • efficiently resolve arising issues related to environmental protection,;
  • provide guidance and assistance in the field of environmental protection at all stages of construction of facilities, from the design stage to the commissioning.

Due to diversity of the ST Industrial Group services ranging from the hazardous chemical facilities to waste treatment, the environmental protection department accumulated vast experience in providing custom tailored solutions, such as:

  • producing sections of design projects related to environment protection required by the Russian legislation;
  • producing other documentation demanded by the Russian environmental authorities;
  • developing general sanitation and cleaning schemes for cities and regions;
  • conducting experiments and research work in the field of waste handling;
  • controlling the quality of the equipment manufactured on the ST in-house shop in relation to the environmental protection;
  • consulting and advisory services.

State Expertise documentation producing

Safe Technologies ecologists develop and prepare the complete set of documents required by the State ecology expert evaluation body (Federal Law No 174 ‘On the ecology expert evaluation’).

The positive evaluation of the State expert evaluation body is the guarantee of the safety of the equipment or facility both in relation to environmental protection and to human health. Without the positive opinion of the State evaluation commission no industrial activity related to possible industrial hazards is considered legal.

Applying for State evaluation one avoids risks to offend the law, which could result in huge fines and ban on the activity.

Expert ecologists of the Environmental protection department acquired vast experience in the process of undergoing the State expert evaluation and received numerous positive reports on various types of equipment and facilities.

The positive expert evaluation report is a document that enables obtaining the license on any waste utilization activity, being the obligatory condition of such.

It often happens when the large scale industrial project stalls because of the small part of it not having the necessary ecology evaluation report. Experts of the Environmental protection department of the Safe Technologies industrial group guarantee that no holes will be left both in the equipment and in the paperwork.

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