The supporting of small business and start up projects is one of the main trends of the Russian State policy in the area of business. The main challenge for the newly formed enterprise often comes as lack of funds needed to buy the equipment, also absence of collateral that is required to secure loans.

Safe Technologies Industrial Group acknowledges the importance of the small business support and thus offers attractive leasing program. The Company is successfully present on the market since year 2000 and its equipment won wide recognition both in Russia and abroad. The most part of the ST equipment series can be offered on lease terms. Leasing deals have some advantages before the usual money lending schemes:

1. Leasing is an efficient way of retrofitting of your facility without any significant diversion of funds.

2. Leasing alleviates the tax burden (due to taxable base reduction, VAT return).

3. Leasing in itself is more flexible an instrument, the conditions and payment profile are not fixed but always a subject of the agreement between parties.

4. No pledge is required for leasing, the very acquired equipment serves as a security deposit.

5. Entering the leasing scheme with our Company you also receive an access to  quality maintenance and operation services.

Safe Technologies Industrial Group offers leasing schemes on the following equipment for waste thermal utilization

  • Incinerator plant KTO50.K20 in standard 20’ container
  • Incinerator plant KTO50.K40 in standard 40’ container
  • Incinerator plant KTO100.K40 in standard 40’ container


  • The leasing period 24-84 months (2-8 years)
  • Down payment – from 10%
  • Annual average appreciation -7-15%

Requirements to the lessee: 

  • Activity on the market no less than 1 year;
  • Absence of current losses, positive equity to the date;
  • Positive profit-equity dynamics (yield);
  • Average monthly payment for all leases – not more than 20% to the date.

Cooperation with Safe Technologies is a sure way to install  cutting edge equipment just about now. Experts of the EcoLeasing company (a member of Safe Technology Industrial Group) assist in the process of choosing the most profitable option and getting the paperwork done in the shortest possible terms

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