TDP-2 eliminates sludge pits

UTD-2 eliminates sludge pitsOil and gas production, still being the Russian leading industry, at the same time remains one of the most environmentally damaging. Its producing facilities being innately fire and explosion hazardous, the industry constantly threats the environment with disastrous consequences of possible accidents or aftereffects of its production process.

Especially hazardous are the numerous sludge pits: large ponds used for accumulating and decontamination of drilling muds, oil sludge, etc.

None of the existing oil sludge treatment methods has proved economically viable. The solution may lie in such thermal treatment method as incineration, but incinerators go with costly gas cleaning systems and burn the potentially valuable source material. The pyrolysis action could be exactly the thing. Exposed to the pyrolysis reaction, oil sludge does not disintegrate but is turned into synoil and pyrolysis gas.

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