Safe Technologies IG wil take part in the construction of the plastic factory

One of the most serious environmental challenges, which concerns relocation of the plastic factory out of town, was discussed  in Tyumen city today.

‘Plastic factory must be moved out of the city. The problem became serious,’ said Alexander Scherbinin,  the first Deputy Director of the Department of Energy and Mining of the regional administration, at the press conference.

The plant’s management has already chosen the place where the new plastics factory will be located. It is planned to be set up in the industrial area between Atyashevo and Gorkovka towns. The distance from the factory to the human settlement is about 2.5 kilometers. In addition, the new site has a good infrastructure. It includes railway, gas pipeline, electricity, communications, auxiliary building. According to the Executive Director of construction of Tyumen plastics factory JSC, this site meets all the requirements of epidemiologists.

The planned amount of investments for the new plant construction is about 500 million rubles with a 4 years recoupment.

The construction will be completed within 15 months. Mr. Ugryumov pointed out that the new project has high economic efficiency, which will increase tax revenues in budget.

Moreover, the factory will provides 250 working positions for the local citizens. All the experience, traditions, scientific and technical potential of workforce will be maintained during the opening of the new enterprise.

Engineering company Safe Technologies IG, which is a member of the Electromechanics Association in St. Petersburg, Russia will participate in the construction of a new plastics plant. ST Industrial Group has considerable experience in the creation of modern and environmentally safe equipment. Cooperation agreement between Tyumen plastics factory and Safe Technologies IG was signed on December 7, 2004.

Alexander Ugryumov said that now there are discussions about the location of the project. The construction will begin after the project will be approved by state examination, necessary documentation will be prepared, including the evaluation of activities on the environment.

Safe Technologies’ Construction Director Lev Karypkin noted that the factory will be a completely new with all the necessary components and advanced equipment. The emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere will be prevented. New technologies provides the absence of industrial wastewater. It have been used in the construction of the plastic companies in many regions including USA, Ukraine, Karelia.

Lev Karypkin assured journalists that Tyumen plastics factory will be safe for citizens of Atayshevo and Gorkovka towns, everything will be well calculated and measured. In addition, during the development of the project the owners will present all information about safety and ecological compatibility.

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