Wastewater treatment plant SOS-160.BM.O at the new landfill in Veliky Novgorod

Near Veliky Novgorod, one of the oldest cities in Russia, a new, modern solid waste landfill was opened for waste reception. Built according to modern requirements, the landfill is isolated from the soil by geomembranes. The landfill leachate is also collected and treated as required by modern environmental regulations. The landfill is designed to accept 170,000 tons of waste annually, the estimated period of operation is 15 years (and in case of implementation of separate waste collection this period may be extended).

Treatment of landfill leachate in Veliky Novgorod Landfill leachate treatment system

Reputation of the most modern landfill in the Northwest of Russia Novgorod new landfill will help to maintain the domestic production of sewage treatment plant from IG «Safe Technologies». SOS-160.BM.O in a block-modular design with a capacity of 160 m3/day treats landfill leachate to ordinary river water, according to the requirements of fishery waters.

The system SOS-160.BM.O combines several technologies, including the patented technology of reverse osmosis, designed specifically for the problems of landfills. Similar equipment is installed at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk landfills, in Moscow region (Salarievo), Adler, Astrakhan and other cities.

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