Municipal solid waste landfill and waste treatment facility for Elgaugol (Mechel Group)

Safe Technologies Industrial Group and Elgaugol LLC signed an agreement on design of a new landfill and a thermal treatment plant for municipal solid and industrial waste on the territory of Elga coal field.

According to the contract, ST IG is to develop design and working documentation, as well as to provide project support services. The project will include a waste disposal map, an incinerator plant for thermal waste neutralization, which will use waste oil as fuel, a sorting complex, a road to the landfill and related facilities. The construction of the complex will be held in 2 stages.

For reference:

The Elga coal field contains high-quality scarce coking coal with an extremely low content of sulphur, nitrogen and phosphorus and high volatile substances. Development of the deposit started less than 10 years ago and is carried out in an open-pit way, which is much safer than mining.

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