Vostochny Cosmodrome: the waste landfill turnkey project

The production facilities of the Sosnovy Bor Metal Works (SMZ LLC), one of the production sites of Safe Technologies, Inc., continues the work on the manufacture and dispatch of equipment for the Construction Waste, Solid Household Waste and Bulky Waste Processing Complex (Vostochny Cosmodrome, Amur region). Own industrial facilities, multifunctional workshops and qualified personnel allows SMZ LLC to manufacture equipment of various complexity without involving third-party contractors, developing and implementing district strategic projects.

TDP for sludge processingThe waste sorting station consisting of belt conveyors and electrical equipment was dispatched in the first batch. In addition to sorting and transporting, the platform processes the incoming waste. A single system of automation of transporting and processing devices and mechanisms ensures the uninterrupted operation of the complex.

The complex comprises two process lines.

The fine fractions and sweepings are separated from the incoming flow in the drum separator at the solid industrial waste receiving and sorting line. The useful fractions, non-recyclable waste (plastic, aluminum, cardboard, paper, etc.) are extracted in four manual separation stations. The accumulator batteries and black metal are removed from the general waste flow by means of automatic magnetic separator. Further waste is fed from the conveyor belt to the thermal neutralization unit.

Construction waste is sorted in the second line. At the initial stage, sweepings of fine fractions are screened, followed by separation of metals, and subsequent crushing of raw materials in a twin-rotor crusher. Recycled building waste is suitable for reuse, for example, in road construction.

Note that the design of the main process lines of the seventh site of Vostochny Cosmodrome is under the responsibility of the Research Design Institute of Safe TechnologiesRDIST, namely:

  • The line of the MSW Thermal Treatment Complex,
  • Waste sorting station in combination with a sewage treatment and dehydration station,
  • Slurry landfill.

Processing of treatment facilities sludge

The Complex provides processing of sanitary sewerage and storm drains sludge. Its amount collected from the treatment facilities of the Vostochny Cosmodrome sites and the Uglegorsk Closed Administrative-Territorial Unit is about 13,000 tons per year. Sludge deposits are first subjected to dehydration and drying in a sludge preparation unit based on the Thermal Decomposition Plant (TDP). At the first stage, watered sludge is fed to the dehydrator, where its humidity drops to 86% due to physical and chemical effects. Further, the dehydrated sludge is fed by the screw conveyor into the pyrolysis chamber of the TDP, where it is heated due to the gradual movement of the treated product by the screw conveyor along the pyrolysis chamber. Heating is provided by a burner installed in the furnace.

Dehydrated activated sludge - the product of TDP processingThe solid residue formed during the drying process with residual moisture up to 10% is discharged by the screw conveyor into the storage tank. The design capacity for treating sludge at the TDP is about 450 tons of waste per year. Further, the prepared and drained sludge enters the line of the Thermal Treatment Complex for further disposal.

Safe Technologies provides a turnkey design of both equipment units and technology and automation of processes and their electrification.

Recall that SMZ LLC is part of the Safe Technologies Industrial Group and is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial equipment.

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