Utilization of oil sludge at a new landfill in Komi — media about TDP plant

A new landfill for the processing of oil sludge, namely — oil-contaminated soil and oil-containing waste generated as a result of man-made accidents, will appear on the Shchelyaure oil field. This project was developed by PJSC Lukoil in conjunction with the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The main operating equipment of the new landfill is the unique TDP-2-800 continuous pyrolysis plant, which is designed for neutralization of especially hazardous wastes of the oil industry and manufactured by Safe Technologies, Inc.

Roman Polshvedkin, First Deputy Minister of Industry, Natural Resources, Energy and Transport of the Republic of Komi, comments, ‘This is a modern nature protection facility that surpasses the existing facilities in the Usinsk region by technical specifications. The construction of a sludge processing landfill enables timely treatment of accumulated oil sludge without the risk of environmental pollution…[…]…Pollutant emissions after purification will be 0.7 tons per year. For comparison, potbelly stove release 0.4 tons of pollutants a year and fouls up the air.’

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The article ‘Up-to-date landfill for processing solid and liquid oil sludge will be built on the Shchelyaure oilfield’ hosted by the Komiinform

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