UTD -2-200 recycles waste at the oil-extracting facility of “Lukoil-Komi” LLC

Pyrolysis Plant UTD-2-200 designed for oil containing waste utilization was shipped to the client in Komi Republic from the Safe Technologies IG. The plant will be installed at the premises of the major oil production company “Lukoil-Komi” LLC.

This UTD-2-200 plant features unique layout: loading and unloading assemblies are installed together with the process equipment into the 40’ sea container. Such design modification facilitates the process of transportation and reduces  installation time.

Plant capacity is 200 kg/h. According to the Contract, UTD-2-200 plant is intended for processing wide range of hydrocarbon-containing waste: oil sludge, drilling waste, waste oil, etc.

UTD-2-200 UTD-2-200

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