Unique hazardous waste management equipment supported by government. Media Review!

Earlier waste management facility based on the TDP-1 and КТО-100.К40 plants was reported to be manufactured and delivered to ore-dressing and processing enterprise JSC Apatit (PhosAgro Group).

The equipment was made in the framework of the environmental investment project – implementation of the unique hazardous waste (tires, railroad ties, MSW, etc.) treatment and processing equipment. The project is innovative and in case of successful implementation, that approach to waste management will be widely distributed.

Conservation Initiative was approved by the top officials of the Murmansk region at the Ecology of the Arctic-2017 international conference. Environmental agreement was signed between the government of the region and Apatit prior to the event as reported by some media.

In the framework of the agreement, Apatit will put the one of the best available technologies in Russia into operation: the company will launch the modern equipment for elimination and treatment of hazardous industrial waste. Instead of dumping it in landfills, the waste will be recovered.

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Anton Turtanov, Head of the Environmental Protection Department of Apatit, noted the possibility of tires treatment plant installation in an interview with Murman TV, ‘During the processing of one ton of rubber — tires — up to 450 kg of fuel, diesel substitute, closed to the fuel oil, is formed. As well as scrap metal and the residue that is an equivalent of the natural coal.’

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‘Innovative methods of treatment and disposal of mercury lamps, oily waste, railroad sleepers, and tires will be implemented in JSC Apatit,’ said the REGNUM agency.

The equipment is mobile and capable to process waste directly at the generation site, which greatly reduces the need for transportation. As a result of thermal treatment the waste weight is reduced by 20 times, and the volume by 50 times. In addition, when the plant produces up to 350 kW per hour of thermal energy ready to use, it is enough to heat up the production buildings. Start of equipment operation is scheduled for the first half of 2017.

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The B-Port news agency reports that this is the first modern plant for tires treatment throughout the Kola Peninsula.

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The Murmansk Vestnik (bulletin) reported on the equally important role of the KTO Waste Thermal Treatment Facility, ‘Another plant will be capable to dispose of more than 100 types of waste, typically occurring at our entire region. Not only did the needs of the enterprise and Kirovsk-Apatity region been taken into account, but also the other nearby areas.

The project implemented on the modern equipment with application of scientific achievements of Russian scientists will allow turning waste into profits instead of the traditional landfill way.

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