Thermal Cleaning Plant (UTO) was shipped to Chelyabinsk

Thermal Cleaning Plant (UTO) was manufactured by the order of OJSC Trubodetal, which is the largest pipeline fittings manufacturer in Russia and the CIS.

The equipment is designed within modernization of production capacities of the factory and creation of new high-tech production units. The company’s policy is aimed at reducing production costs, rational usage of resources. OJSC Trubodetal ensures the appropriate level of environmental safety.

Thermal Cleaning Plant (UTO) is based on the unique pyrolysis technology and capable to clean metal products from powder-coated paint, paint-and-lacquer coating, also removes oil residues from the inside of the pipeline.

Thermal Cleaning Plant (UTO) does not affect the integrity of metal products making the reuse possible.

The plant is currently delivered to the site. Installation and commissioning is scheduled for early 2016.

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