The set of equipment for the pilot scale catalytic processing plant was sent to the customer

The custom order was implemented by the Safe Technologies Industrial Group. Pilot scale plant for catalytic processing was shipped to the customer. The mobile unit is a part of a complex process based on cooling of tubular type catalytic reactors by boiling medium. In addition, the plant consists of absorbers of a total height slightly more than 2 meters equipped with highly efficient filling, commutators and mist eliminators. Absorbers made of packed-shell technology, implicating the column assembly made of segments, shells. 40-meter column for the liquid radioactive waste treatment based on the same technology was assembled at the production facilities of Safe Technologies earlier.

Synthesis of formaldehyde on the metal-oxide catalyst, that is the technological process of Safe Technologies adjusted to high efficiency became the prototype of this unit.

The pilot scale plant is designed for catalytic processing in conditions closed to industrial production.

Сolumn filling Plant catalytic processing

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