Mass media reports on the medical waste treatment Centre based on КТО-100.З.П incinerator

On August 4, the first medical waste treatment Centre, based on the Waste Thermal Treatment Plant КТО-100.З.П, was opened in Tambov. Safe Technologies Industrial Group manufactured a custom-tailored incinerator for one of the leading waste recycling plant in Russia, LLC Komek. New Centre carries out the turnkey construction on neutralization of waste from the healthcare facilities: starting from waste collection and finishing with its thermal treatment at КТО-100.З.В incinerator and further landfilling.

Andrei Chibis, the Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction of the Russian Federation, attended this event. Main purpose of his working visit to Tambov was getting familiar with the local waste management treatment system and assessing the local government’s plans and efforts on its development. Heads of Tambov administration, accompanied by Igor Kulakov, the Deputy Governor of the region, Yury Rogachev, the Mayor of Tambov city, Igor Blum, the head of LLC Komek and Safe Technologies IG representatives visited the new waste treatment Centre. Andrei Chibis highly praised the incinerator of Safe Technologies manufacture; he also remarked that the projects for safe disposal of medical waste, based on КТО-100.З.П, must be expanded to the other regions.

A number of local media journalists expressed their interest in the event.

According to news agency, the Customer decided on Safe Technologies IG (St. Petersburg, Russia) production unit when choosing the technology and equipment. Productivity of waste treatment plant meets the demands of both Tambov and Tambov Region. After the neutralization of 2 tons of hazardous medical waste, the equipment was capable to obtain 20 kg of ash, which is safe for the environment.

‘These centers are lacking in the country. Everything I saw in Tambov deserves respect. Such projects must be expanded to the other regions of the country’, said Andrei Chinis.

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‘The medical waste were formerly subjected to chemical treatment only. However, it is a wrong solution. Today, the law requires not only to neutralize, but also to destruct such type of waste. Our equipment is capable of coping with this problem. We conduct waste incineration at the temperature of 950 degrees by using proper equipment. The output product is non-hazardous ash, which is ultimately disposed at the landfill’, Ekaterina Mertekhina, the Centre’s expert, said to the Deputy Minister of Construction.

Whereas Andrei Chibis noted, that there was a lack of such centers in Russia and that Tambov’s attempt was worth to be respected.

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Svezhii Veter local news portal also reported on the opening of medical waste treatment Centre, based on КТО-100.З.В incinerator.

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