The first Complex on recycling of drilling waste at the oil-extracting facilities was launched!

On 29th of April, the complex on recycling of drilling waste was commissioned by Service Company LLC BT-Promotkhody (also the part of the Safe Technologies Industrial Group) at the oil-extracting facilities.

Within the program for reducing negative impact on the environment, the first service node was equipped by order of JSC Slavneft Oil and Gas Company at the Kuyumbinsky field. The main aim of this program is the implementation of innovative technologies to ensure the ‘no-pit drilling’ approach.

Safe Technologies IG created a new project that became the first step towards  increasing the environmental safety of industrial facilities of the SN-KNG Company.

Start-up of thermal decomposition plant UTD-2-800 was performed successfully in the presence of inspection board of the customer.  The inspection board consisted of employees of ecology department, drilling experts, operation managers, etc.

Under the contract, LLC BT-Promotkhody provides an  arrangement of a production site, equipment delivery and   services of the recycling of drilling waste which were formed at the oil-extracting facilities of LLC Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz. According to the terms of the contract, more than a thousand tons of drilling waste are intended to be treated the treatment.

The thermal decomposition plant UTD-2-800   Thermal decomposition plant UTD-2-800

This new technology enables the customer to implement the following:

  • То cut down expenses on export and waste disposal
  • To eliminate risks of penalties for negative impact on the environment during the transportation
  • To cut down operating expenses due to avoiding out-of-scope activities
  • It should be noted that the service company operates strictly within the limits of environmental legislation of  the Russian Federation

As for today, the Service Company operates two Thermal Destruction Plants UTD-2-800. This equipment will process the industrial waste in a quantity that was stipulated earlier until the end of 2016. Such a project for the recycling of drilling waste at the oil-extracting facilities was implemented in the Russian Federation for the first time.

Subsidiary companies of Industrial Group provide all services on a ‘turnkey’ basis.

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