The first batch of products for tube-type furnace based on the I-1 incinerator was shipped to the Customer

Part of the combustion chamberThe first batch of products to complete the tubular heating furnace based on the I-1 incinerator — namely, the component parts of the combustion chamber and the burner, was shipped to the Customer from the Safe Technologies production site. The equipment supplied under the project for reconstruction of the continuous mode production of bitumen at the industrial site of OJSC Gazpromneft-Omsk refinery.

Incinerator I-1 is a tube furnace, which is designed for the complete afterburning of oxidation gases, while ensuring the necessary temperature of heat transfer oil MT-300 ОM. The coolant is heated in a finned tubes coil located in the convection furnace chamber.

The design of the incinerator I-1 meets the requirements of the heating installations for oil refineries.

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