The batch of countercurrent packing is shipped as part of a project on the management of radioactive waste

In early November, as part of the project for construction of a liquid radioactive waste treatment of tritium unit a batch of countercurrent packing of Chevron type was supplied. The mass transfer equipment is based on the technology of Intareks (part of the Safe Technologies IG). The batch capacity is 30 packages. Packing height is 160 mm, in diameter — 1200 mm.

Mesh pad was manufactured with a maximum mass transfer surface area of more than 1000m2/m3 to equip the unit. The unique technological solution is designed to reduce the size of the distillation column, part of the unit, without compromising its functional component.

Application of countercurrent packing is to enhance the purity of the separation of tritiated water from protium. The product is manufactured by Intareks and has full package of permits.

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