TEBTRANS-2016: Safe Technologies IG developments for railway industry (VIDEO)

On October 26, Safe Technologies IG took part in the 5th Anniversary International Scientific and Training Conference Technosphere and Environmental Safety in Transport (TEBTRANS-2016), held at St. Petersburg State Transport University of Emperor Alexander I. TEBTRANS is a constant platform for discussion of labour and environmental safety issues at railway infrastructure facilities. Representatives of Russian Railways, Belorussian Railways, Ministry of Labour of the Russian Federation, Rospotrebnadzor, Rosprofzhel and many others participated in the conference this year.

The report on Innovations developments for Russian Railways challenges: import substitution was presented during the plenary session by ST IG representative. Safe Technologies delegate presented the developments of industrial company to solve the challenges related to the railroad network system. First, it is a negative impact on the environment: land pollution as a result of rolling stock running, washing and steaming station operation, effluents discharge, hazardous emissions into the atmosphere and etc. The equipment of Safe Technologies IG production meets transport companies’ needs in environmental protection area: wastewater treatment plants LPS for industrial effluents and sewage purification works, Waste Thermal Treatment Facilities (incinerators), Thermal Decomposition Plants (pyrolysis plants) for oil-base and other organic waste processing, catalytic cleaning systems of gas and ventilated gas emissions, BIOROS product for elimination of oil contaminants from soil surface. All the manufactured products are compliant with the Russian Railways general strategy on reducing environmental load by 2030.

In addition to environmental protection equipment, ST IG offers the solution for filling locomotives with liquefied natural gas (environmentally safe and cost-effective fuel) – it is a small-sized plant for natural gas liquefaction. Within the TEBTRANS Exhibition, Safe Technologies IG presented the model unit of draining and filling system in loading and unloading production works with petroleum products and gaseous fluid (LNG, NG).

Recall that there are two large-scale projects implemented by Safe Technologies for Russian Railways: Waste Thermal Treatment plant KTO-500 for oil-base waste utilization (Research and Production Center of Environmental Protection, as a part of Russian Railways, Yaroslavl region) and KTO-1000.Ш for used rails utilization (railway station Tagul, Irkutsk region).


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