TDP-1 put into operation at the industrial and municipal waste landfill of the Urnenskoye field of Rosneft PJSC

Thermal decomposotion plant TDP, PJSC Rosneft Oil CompanyInstallation and commissioning of TDP-1-1000, intended for operation at the industrial and municipal solid waste landfill of the Urnenskoye oil field , have been completed. The engineering networks are connected to the unit, which allowed to carry out tests on raw materials intended for processing. Training of the personnel, who will subsequently operate and maintain the unit, was also conducted.

The unit will mainly process oil production waste, i.e.: oil-contaminated soils, oil sludge,waste lubricants, mechanical-rubber goods, etc.

For reference:

The Urnenskoye field is located in the Tyumen Region, 325 km east of Tobolsk. By its reserves, the field is considered to be a medium-sized field and is being developed as part of Rosneft Uvat project. Average annual area temperature is less than +1 °C, which places additional requirements on the units of the Plant.

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