TDP-2 commissioning was completed at Messoyakha fields of Gazprom Neft

Safe Technologies completed the installation supervision of the TDP-2-800 oil waste processing unit at the industrial site of the Messoyakha fields group developed by PJSC Gazprom Neft. The equipment is designed for continuous processing of oil sludge and oil-contaminated frozen soils, as well as silt sludge from sewage treatment plants of household and mixed sewers.

Oily waste treatment plant  Waste to TDP-2-800 plant

TDP plant will join the large-scale project for PJSC Gazprom Neft on landfill facilities installation for industrial and municipal solid waste of the Vostochno- (Eastern) and Zapadno- (Western-) Messoyakha fields. In addition to the pyrolysis furnace, two incinerators will operate at the landfill. КТО-50.К20.Ц for liquid effluent and КТО-200.БМ.П for MSW, which have been already mounted at the facility and ready for operation.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Recycling Plant, КТО-200.БМ.П   Liquid Effluent Treatment Plant

Designing the equipment ST IG specialists applied the severe conditions of the permafrost belt. The KTO and TDP complexes were mounted on a pile foundation: the gap between the soil and the base preserves the natural ventilation of the frozen surface, preventing the soil from melting. The loading and unloading units of the TDP plant were moved outside the building for the same purposes. The process control can be carried out both manually and automatically without personnel participation.

The ongoing project plays an important role in maintaining favorable environmental conditions at oil production sites. Disposal of on-site deposits will reduce the risks associated with the transportation of waste and enable the timing of their disposal.

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