TDP-2-2000 ongoing shipments to Estonia

Pyrolysis equipment ongoing shipments to EuropeThe third batch of components for pyrolysis plants TDP-2-2000 left the site of ST IG and soon will arrive to the customer in Estonia — Viru Keemia Grupp.

One of the world’s largest producers of shale oil has chosen the best practice of utilization of shale tar by-products formed as a side stream in coking process. This is the organic waste with an increased content of resinous substances and mechanical impurities. Processing of carbon-containing raw materials using the technology of continuous pyrolysis, implemented in TDP, will safely dispose shale sludge, and as a result, obtain products in the form of synthetic gas, liquid fuel oil and dry residue.

The shale tar by-products processing plant includes two TDP-2 continuous pyrolysis units with a capacity of at least 1.5 tons of waste per hour each.

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