TDP-2-200: nutshell waste to commercial charcoal! Video report from the ST IG site

The specialists of Safe Technologies conducted pilot tests on processing offbeat raw materials — nutshell (pistachios waste) in the first days of July.

The treatment process was carried out in two stages: in the first stage, the waste (nutshell) was fed into the TDP-2-200 continuous pyrolysis plant for processing. At the second stage — the carbon residue was subject to activation in a specialized reactor.

As a result of processing 700 kilograms of shell the following outputs were obtained:

  • 230 kg of commercial activated carbon
  • 225 m3 of gas and
  • 30 kg of liquid fuel

Learn more about the process of nutshell treatment at TDP-2-200 in a special video report from the production site of ST IG!

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