Successful launch of the new synthetic resin production plant Rechitsadrev: first UFC-85 is made

Rechitsadrev synthetic resin production siteThe plant for urea-formaldehyde concentrate UFC-85 and urea-formaldehyde resin production was launched at the end of January. The first outputs have already been obtained at JSC Rechitsadrev plant.

In 2014 Safe Technologies IG Company won the tender, placed by JSC Rechitsadrev (the Republic of Belarus), for the construction of formaldehyde and synthetic resin production site. Belorussian company preferred technology and equipment of Safe Technologies make to other options, such as ones of West European manufacture.

It is obvious that the construction of resin and formalin production plant is an effective solution for any woodworking enterprise, aiming to improve the quality of products and increase its competitive market position. JSC Rechitsadrev, company with a long business history, adhered to this solution and increased the outputs by 40% during autumn 2016.

Formalin/UFC production plant with total capacity of 30000 tons (by 37% formalin) per year, based on advanced metal-oxide technology, and synthetic resin production facility, will improve the quality of the board and ultimately lead to independence of the enterprise from external resin supply.

Yielding UFC-85, the first commissioning and startups of the equipment were successfully conducted. Buffer capacity of the produced UFC lies within 8-9 ranges, which is much higher values than the capacity of any imported raw materials. The quality of UFC and resin, derived from it, was confirmed by laboratory tests.

Rechitsadrev synthetic resin production site (The Republic of Belarus)Rechitsadrev synthetic resin production site

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