ST Industrial Group supported the competition Ecology Through The Eyes Of Children

The annual children’s art competition Ecology Through The Eyes Of Children, organized by the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, ended on 31 May, 2016. Preschoolers, students and pupils submitted their artworks on environmental protection. The event was supported by its long-term partners – Safe Technologies Industrial Group and public ecological organization EkoVahta.

The project Ecology Through The Eyes Of Children was started in 2014, and since then over 2000 kids have taken part in it. The purpose of the contest is to draw attention of the youngsters aged 5 to 14 years to environmental problems, instill in them a sense of responsibility for environmental safety and encourage them to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Drawing acts here as a mean to achieve this aim. It is clear and interesting language for kids of all ages. The jury evaluates the artworks on a number of criteria, including expressiveness, originality and the way they reflect ecological problems.

The competition was held in several stages. The little artists submitted their works within 4 months. The results of the contest were announced on 26 April at the meeting of the Commission for Ecology and Natural Resource Management. The awarding ceremony took place at the White Hall of the Legislative Assembly on 31 May. All contestants were rewarded with diplomas, valuable prizes and gifts.

Ecology Through The Eyes Of Children competition Every child has his own vision of environmental problems. One drawing shows people rolling out a carpet of grass and flowers over the road crowded with cars. Another drawing shows a tortoise carrying on its shell our incredibly beautiful world with its green landscapes, blue seas and a great number of flowers. In the third one animals in the forest collect litter left by a man. Each drawing has an idea, emotions and a call to action. The choice therefore was difficult for the commission.

ST Industrial Group, as an environmentally responsible business, regularly gives support to the contest organizers and aims at engaging more children in participation.  In this regard, one more surprise was prepared for kids with the support of Safe Technologies IG – an entertainment program at the Theatre-Studio Smeshariki. The event was held on 1 of June, the International Children’s Day. An individual program was designed for each age group. Kids up to six watched an interactive performance with the participation of their favorite cartoon characters – Smeshariki, performed by professional entertainers. They masterly involved in the process not only children, but also parents, who returned to their childhood for a couple of hours.

For children from 7 to 14 years there was an excursion to the Petersburg Computer Animation Studio, where all the characters of Smeshariki and other cartoons of The Riki Group production were born. It was a unique and extremely interesting experience for little beginning artists. The kids watched the whole process of drawing an animated scene, frame by frame. They also met with actors who do voice-overs for balloon-shaped characters of Smeshariki, and watched the newest series of The Riki Group cartoons.

Ecology Through The Eyes Of Children competition Ecology Through The Eyes Of Children competition

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