ST IG at the 6th International Baikal Risk Forum (BRIF’22)

Environmental safety issues discussed at BRIF-2022Safe Technologies Industrial Group took part in the 6th International Baikal Risk Forum (BRIF’22), which was held on September 12-16 in Irkutsk. The largest event for Siberia, the Far East and the country as a whole for the 6th time brings together under one roof representatives of authorities and the best specialists in various industries. The key topics are declared to be sustainable development, risk-oriented solutions in business management in the context of modern realities. The number of visitors of the forum this year has exceeded 100 thousand people. The main task of the event is to exchange practical experience with the subsequent development of their own solutions with the possibility of further application in the territories of Siberia and the Far East.

In the «Environmental Protection» section of the forum, the commercial director of ST IG presented a report on the problem of waste generated during the operation of oil production, oil refining, mining and metallurgical enterprises. He offered tools to reduce environmental risks that have proven themselves and are successfully used in practice:

  • Thermal destruction unit TDP-2 for processing of large-size (super-large-size) tires and oily scale by pyrolysis to produce boiler fuel;
  • KTO incinerators for neutralization of solid, pasty and liquid industrial waste and MSW, with further recovery of heat energy into steam, hot water or electricity for technological and municipal needs;
  • Catalytic systems for cleaning industrial emissions and ventilation gases.

The urgent topic of the report could not go unnoticed: in recent years, the Russian community has taken a course to improve the environmental situation in the country, which is reflected in the national project «Ecology». This, in turn, has also influenced the standards for pollutant emissions into the atmospheric air for enterprises. The report aroused lively interest and a number of questions from colleagues and the audience.

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