“Safe Technologies” IG solution in the field of associated gas processing is appraised by the World Bank

The World Bank’s study on the use of associated gas, which was released in late 2021, addresses the technical and economic aspects of small scale associated gas utilization solutions, including methanol production technologies directly at the field. Solution of “Safe Technologies” Industrial Group is included into the list and analyzed along with the world biggest chemical and oil-gas industry manufacturers, among them:

  • Air Liquide
  • Bluescape Clean Fuels
  • GasTechno
  • Haldor Topsoe
  • Johnson Matthey.

Associated petroleum gas processing is one of the environmental priorities of oil production. The existing technologies of APG utilization take into account both its energy and chemical potential. The technology of methanol production from gas belongs to the second one and allows obtaining raw methanol directly at the production site. Methanol is used as an inhibitor of hydrate formation in main pipelines, and it is also needed as one of the extraction reagents. A similar technology is also suitable for ammonia production, but the transportation problems and lack of local consumers make it second best.

As a stage of associated gas preparation for further processing, soft steam reforming technology is used, the essence of which is steam heating, usually with a catalyst. At this stage, pure synthesis gas is obtained, which is directed to the main process lines of methanol production. The solution proposed by “ST” IG makes it possible to eliminate part of the expensive equipment of conventional methanol production, such as, for example, compressors of synthesis gas, which immediately saves capital costs to the amount of hundreds of millions of rubles.

“Safe Technologies” IG is a completely Russian company, it comprises its own design bureau, in-house production workshops, logistics and construction department. The industrial group is able to provide turnkey industrial solution without significant involvement of third-party services.

The mentioning of “ST” IG among the world’s leading chemical concerns confirms its international reputation, which has crossed the borders of the Russian Federation.


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